The Unlimited Thali

The Unlimited Thali

The Only thing  he can think of on a Sunday evening is shopping till he gets tired. Manav, he prefers shopping over spending weekend in a nightclub. So he decided to call his friend Rohit and went on for shopping. Manav never feels that he has shopped enough.  Manav along with Rohit is exploring each and every outlet in the shopping mall, till all the stores started pulling down the shutters. It’s 10:30 in the night and they are still shopping. As there are no more stores left, suddenly they realized that they are feeling tired and hungry.  Rohit suggested trying Unlimited Thali, which he noticed on a hoarding while entering the shopping mall. They both went to that restaurant and ordered for Unlimited Thali as suggested by Rohit.

The ambiance is so homely and lively with melodious old songs playing in the background. Manav is just relaxing in the cushion chair and enjoying the mild music with closed eyes. The food is served in the table in a traditional copper plate filled with many varieties of curries, sweets, rice and other snacks. As soon as Manav saw his plate with so many dishes, he got lost in his thoughts. Rohit is clueless as Manav turned silent and dull. Though Manav is present physically next to Rohit, his soul traveled into his memory lane.

It’s almost late in the afternoon, Manav and Meenakshi are hungry but couldn’t decide on the restaurant they would like to visit for lunch. Manav suggested that he will take her to a restaurant where an authentic food of Orissa is available. As Meenkashi likes to explore cuisines and Manav is too hungry , they both went to Konika – an Authentic Odiya  restaurant and ordered Unlimited Thali.

KONIKA is a cozy and intimate restaurant that serves Odiya cuisine. Brass utensils, colorful bangles, intricate woven work and other Odiya motifs highlight the decor of the restaurant. Standouts include an excellent traditional Odiya Thali, Dalma (Gravy made of lentils and vegetables), Machha Besara (Fish cooked with mustard seeds), Khatta (a tangy sweet and sour chutney made from dates and tomatoes), Kanika (an aromatic sweetened rice dish) and Kheeri (rice pudding).


As the dishes were served, Manav got too excited and a bit nervous. He looked at the face of Meenakshi and said, “this is Odiya Thali which you can only find in villages now, I’m unsure whether you will like the taste of it or not”. As Meenakshi is a South Indian Manav is eager to introduce the traditional dishes of his place. As they both started to eat,  Manav explained the importance and origin of each and every dish that is served on the table. Meenakshi was so fascinated by the special attention she got from Manav. Meenakshi found the Thali similar to what she gets in South India. She saw a sign of relief and a sense of achievement on the face of Manav when she said that  she liked the dishes a lot.

When two people date or planning to get together, They tend to expect, to accept each other by all means and  in all ways . It’s very important that the difference starting from  cultures, traditions, likes, dislikes,  habits, sentiments, moods and so on are understood, accepted by the other and comfortable with the indifference. In every relationship, there will be tough, happy, good and bad times as different tastes like sour, bitter, sweet, spicy that was served to them at Konika. Each and every dish has a tale to tell. The combination of all these dishes with different tastes constitute to the whole meal. Even in life, we need to cherish each and every phase we go through and support each other in tough situations where we sometimes fail to understand the other person. That’s the essence of life which makes it an Unlimited Thali.

Manav is very happy and satisfied more by the compliments given by Meenakshi to the food they had at Konika . They left to Puri beach from there, who knows the waves that touch the shore may have a different story to tell them.

A Birthday gift to you …

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