Butterfly Fairy in the summer rain

Inspired by a true happening in a friend’s life -” Travel Story of a Girl “and the plot is developed by ‘Fortune_Cookie’….

Once in a while, a walk in the evening helps in easing from all the pressure that’s happening in life. It gives us time to be ourselves, to think for us, to revisit our life, to plan for the future, to correct our paths, to change our goals there is so much to do on the lone walk. Above all, we can forget everything by switching off our worries and admire the beautiful God’s creation. Once in a while, we should give our eyes a feast and a refreshing idle time to the brain. Just tell yourself to keep calm and enjoy the serenity.

On a Friday evening, I returned from office early and prepared a strong ginger tea for myself. Sipping a well-brewed tea sitting in a couch is one of the best feelings I crave to have again and again. But this time my mind and body felt very stressful. Even the tastiest of ginger tea is not able to help me. Maybe it’s because of the storm that I’m passing through and the unending battle within me. I went to take a hot shower to drench my pain and  troubles, thinking that  leastwise they will smudge. At least, I should have saved on my electricity bill if  I hadn’t taken the hot shower as it too didn’t help me relieve from the burden. Perhaps, the pressure on me is as stubborn as I.  I dried my hair and sat on my couch, brainstorming about the numerous ways of stress relief. Helplessly, I’ve decided to go for a walk, as the sun showed some relief in the middle of summer. I wore my sandals and came out for a walk.

I  closed the gate and started walking towards the park. After 15 minutes of walk, I took a pause to gather my strength and took a deep breath and looked at the sky. The sky is full of dark clouds and for a moment I doubted my eyes and senses. I asked myself, ‘Did I miss a night?’. The evening was so much like a morning. Everything around me added flame to my confusion. Birds chirping is so audible to ears as the songs of birds are not lost in the sound of traffic. There were very few vehicles on the road. A group of aged men sitting on a bench and sharing their stories about their grandchildren. A flock of birds playing around the bushes flying from one tree to another. Children playing on the slide and see-saw in the park. It was a beautiful sight to relax my mind. ‘ Is it so serene because of a Friday evening or am I missing something in my life?’, questioned myself after witnessing a soothing sight to my eyes.

I went inside the park and started walking on the track, made for walking around the lake. As I finished one round, my heart started feeling light. My mind got unchained from the stress I’m going through. Motivated by the outcome of walking, I decided to go for one more round, this time with a relaxed mindset. The dark clouds, whispers of the cold breeze from the hills, chattering of flower petals and the leaves are like a potion to relieve me from my suffering.

I felt enough motivated after completing the second round around the lake and decided to give some rest to my cramping legs and tired butts. It’s like everybody is going through the same I’m going through – not a seat available to relax. I’m dragged myself to find a seat and my eyes widened to fit stars as I saw a granny along with her grandchildren leaving a bench. I felt thankful to the granny and rushed to occupy the bench before anybody does. The bench is facing the road and I didn’t mind the position as all I need is a place to sit and relax. I sat on the bench and leaned back resting my head on the back support and closed my eyes. Wow! what a feeling…  I realized, at least sometimes we should spend time with God made world, leaving the man-made world to reset the clock of mechanical life.

I opened my eyes keeping my head on the back support of the bench. My eyes which keep itching and burning all the time, maybe because of looking into the laptop most of the time, started to feel all healed up after seeing the dark clouds moving together. It appeared like they are going on a weekend trip and flock of cranes flying around teasing them as migratory birds playing hide and seek in the dark clouds. Suddenly, came a strong wind carrying the dust, I  closed my eyes and turned my head to protect from the whirlwind.  I opened my eyes to the rumble of thunder. I saw something, I can never forget. I saw a huge Gul-Mohar tree across the road as red as the dusk. It appeared like all the colour from sunset in the sky is stolen by it.

The wild breeze brought a shower along with it. It started to rain all of a sudden and I didn’t want to leave the chance of getting wet in Rain. As a kid, I always used to get wet in rain ending up getting scolded by my mother. I wanted to re-live those moments and continued to sit on the bench as the rest were running under trees and to their cars in the parking. Everything faded and all I could see is a girl running towards the Gul-Mohar tree to save herself from the rain.

Butterfly Fairy

I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Her face reflected the charming glow of her kind and beautiful heart, justifying the quote said by Kahlil Gibran – a Lebanese American writer, poet, and a visual artist.” Beauty is not in the face, Beauty is a light in the heart“. Her face is shining like the brightest of the moons expelling all her inner beauty through her face. I forgot the fact that I’m getting drenched in the rain and continued to observe her. For some reason, my attention and all my senses got anchored to her. She is trying to save herself from getting wet. She has such a beautiful smile and the supernumerary tooth on her right upper canine is making me admire and travel to a fairyland, rowing in her dimples. Her eyes are so mesmerizing that  I can lose me in her eyes. After seeing her, I couldn’t recall the struggling me in the evening. Her hair is so dark as midnight and shiny, for a moment I felt like I’m seeing a beautiful night sky with her face as bright as the moon with blinking stars in her shining hair.

Then came a  blue butterfly flapping its beautiful wings on to her.  Even the butterfly might have mistaken by her to the flowers as her fragrance is enchanting. The butterfly is so beautiful with a black design like embroidery and bright white circles on the edges of its blue wings like it’s carrying diamonds on wings. One thing I noticed is butterfly being one of the beautiful creations of God, failed to compete with her fascinating lulu. The butterfly got stuck in her dimples, while another butterfly came and rested on her hair just above her forehead. It appeared like she is wearing a tiara as the butterfly spread its wings. It’s a delightful experience which I hadn’t felt in a long time. She is playing with the butterflies as though she is the princess of a butterfly land. She appeared like a butterfly fairy who came to earth in her streak to compete and slay the beauty of nature by her charm and ravishing glory.

I kept watching her for hours as the twilight has gone giving way to the moon to rise.  The luminance of her smile has made the lightning in the sky to fade. My journey in the fairyland has come to an end as the shower stopped and the butterfly fairy just vanished leaving a sparkle in my mind like pixie dust. I started sneezing as I got drenched in the rain for hours, smiling at myself I got up from the bench and started walking back to my house.

I couldn’t forget the beautiful smile of hers as I’m still captivated by her charm. I’m not sure whether it’s possible for any person to be as gorgeous as her or it’s just my figment of imagination as a side effect of tiredness. I didn’t want to get myself into the confusing state by these thoughts as the butterfly fairy and the summer rain has healed me, freed from my stress and loneliness. This pleasant and splendiferous experience has become one of my most favourite pages in the book of my life.



Thank you Travel_story_of_a_girl for sharing one of the beautiful memories of your life…


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