Soul Cry – The Last Hug..

It’s an unusual day of  a summer. Unlike every summer morning, today is too foggy and the highway road is completely blanketed under the  mist. Rocky’s ears were being echoed with the words, Bani said a couple of  hours back. Rocky is having a  passion for biking and he just goes on a bike ride to make his mood  instead of venting his frustration or the pain on others, when something goes wrong in his life.  He  screams, shouts and cries loud inside the air-resistant helmet so that all his pain is within himself and not exhibited to others . He is  doing the  same today as Bani was coarse to him in the conversation they had. Helplessly, he took his bike  and started on to the National High way. By the time  he reached the city outskirts, the  road is  covered with fog and the horizon of visibility was limited.

Rocky’s accelerator  is being controlled by the  intensity of pain in his  heart. He is going at a speed of 120 km per hour. As it’s early in the morning, the  road is clear of traffic.  There are moments of togetherness with Bani, that are coming in his mind. The way Bani spoke to him got flashed in front of his eyes. He kept thinking about the conversation and how much she hates him…. so many things  are swaying in his  mind. He is cruising into the emptiness of  the foggy road as his helmet visor got blurred by the  moisture. Suddenly came a dog on to the  road from nowhere and Rocky noticed it only when he came near to it. He wanted to apply disc brake,  but he knows that the bike will get skid because of the gravel on the road.  He got nervous and blank by the  sudden incident. He managed to slow down the speed by applying the brakes and tried to avoid hitting the dog by moving into the other lane. As he  is occupied in looking ways to save the dog by avoiding slamming on to it.

As he moved on to the other lane and crossed the dog without hitting it, he took a deep breath. Before he inhaled completely, a  heavy container truck coming on the opposite lane hit Rocky. A loud sound of creaking…. all the metal of the bike got splattered into air  penetrating through the fog. Rocky could feel his body becoming lightweight as he was thrown into the air by the container truck  like a cannon, defying gravity. His mobile flew from his pocket and hit the ground followed by his  head as his helmet came  off by the  impact. His head hit the road directly taking all his body weight at once. He heard the bones cracking sound from his neck and collarbone and a splash sound from his head. His head started bleeding heavily. Rocky is not able to feel the pain from his shattered bones.

Bani is all in his  mind, and he wanted to call Bani before anything happens to him. He reached to the mobile and to his surprise, the  tempered glass and the shockproof mobile case which Bani gifted him saved the mobile. He unlocked the  mobile  and found opened Bani’s chat history in whats App. He started scrolling through the texts which  he has read it  more than a hundred times on that day.

” If I  wouldn’t speak that way, you wouldn’t move on..!! Grow up and work.”

“You shouldn’t get hurt by unnecessary people. Especially, the ones who don’t carry any significant place in your future.”

” I’m one among them. Treat people as they deserve and work & grow.”

” The more you grow, the better you become.”

” Somewhere someone will be  glad seeing your success.”

“Move on”

“Move on”

“Move on”

“Move on”

“Move on”

“Move on”

“Move on”.

” No matter what the reason is , please don’t get hurt and forget them, who want you to forget them.”

” You need to love yourself now. And 2019, I want you to touch the height of fame and success… and  turn out to be the most eligible bachelor..!!”

” To hate you or scold you constantly, one person puts exactly same effort when a person constantly loves you…”

” And no one wastes their effort on someone they don’t value or like..”

” Trust me, you can’t hate one person constantly every day and scold almost every day  if you honestly don’t like the person.”

“It takes all effort to choose words, arrange them with care, put some scolding into it… make it a perfect recipe to let one person know  that we don’t exist in their life and then, call him and tell him…”

” Too much of effort. You are simply wasting them without understanding….”

Rocky wanted to ask Bani, ” Why scold and hurt to break my heart to push me away…if you had told me as a friend, that it’s not working between us, I would have left you happily. A wounded soul will simply bleed when it gets hurt more, There won’t be painful anymore. Alas ! all I wanted  is  your happiness.” but kept that to himself.

Rocky and Bani are in a relationship for a short period of time but they really had the most memorable of  times and some intimate moments together. As it was long distance relationship, few tremors came and they still continued to be in a relationship. Recently, Bani started ignoring Rocky and not attending calls. Lately, they became more like friends than a couple. There was a clear sign of lost interest in Rocky as she calls and talks to him only when she feels  like. Most of the  times, she  makes sure that  she gets an opportunity to talk rudely to Rocky which hurts him. Many at times, Rocky ignored her words as all  that meant for  him is  Bani. He always looked at the  brighter side,  though his heart was bleeding inside.


Bani is  an ambitious girl with high aspirations and goals towards her career and life. Rocky realized that, if he continued his relationship with her, he will be evaporating all the chances of achieving her goals. Though they are of less than a relationship and more of friends at present, he still doesn’t want to be in her life.  In the recent days, she started liking a guy, who proposed her. That guy  is too crazy about Bani and well settled in life with a sound financial background.  Rocky thought he will be a  perfect life partner for her and its high  time  for him to move out of her life. And he thought ” Maybe, I  didn’t fit in your world. I’m so lifeless and  colorless. If I expect you to be with me, I’m afraid of taking away your sparkle”, .Rocky doesn’t even want her to have a soft corner for him.

That day before going out on bike ride, Rocky called Bani and had a discussion. Rocky knows when Bani will lose her temper and the type of conversation and tone that will turn on her anger. The discussion turned into an argument. There happened a huge exchange of words which has hurt both of them equally and Bani told him, ” It’s Over!!” and a deep silence at both the ends. It was like entering a black hole for Rocky with no idea what to say next and how to end the  conversation. It took some time for Bani to disconnect the call  with her last  words being ” It’s Over!!”. Rocky got shattered and broke down into tears which have drowned him to eternal sorrow. Though Rocky was successful in creating the hatred for him in Bani’s heart, he could never hate her and his affection and feelings for her will never gonna change.

He  took a while  and texted the guy,  who proposed Bani.

” It’s easy to appear innocent.. Know the past about the person with whom you want to proceed to start your life.”

By looking at the text, he called Rocky and asked to tell everything about her.

” People like me will say many things about her, you shouldn’t be listening to them. Everything you wanted to know, you should be known from her only. please don’t expect anything from me, cause I’m not the type of person who talks bad about a person in their absence.” replied Rocky.

That guy requested Rocky so much to share  everything the Rocky knows about her. But, Rocky didn’t want to share anything as he wanted Bani to know his reaction and his way of dealing things. These are the times, where people forget to wear masks and show their real-self. This will give a true picture of that guy to Bani.

” Since how many days you know Bani?”, asked Rocky.

” 3 months” he replied.

” Do you think 3 months is sufficient to know a person, I don’t think so..” responded Rocky.

Rocky wanted them to take some time  in understanding each other and acknowledge each others flaws by embracing the  goodness of each other before they decide to start their life together.

 Rocky wished him Good luck and left for a ride on his bike.

Rocky started bleeding from his ears and he couldn’t see the  screen of his mobile and blood is flowing over his eyes by the injury he got on his head and the  tears that were rushing out of his eyes like now or never. Maybe the tears came to know that its very difficult for Rocky to survive and before he closed his eyes forever, they need to escape. His thumb finger is on the video call button and before he pressed that button, he couldn’t feel his body anymore and he’s standing next to his body.  He  realized he turned into the soul and he is no more alive.

Maybe God gives an opportunity for the dead ones to fulfill their last wish on earth before they take their last breath. Rocky suddenly vanished from there and appeared next to Bani. He is into all smiles and blushing as he could see her from close. He could feel her breathe. Bani is lying on her bed, she wiped her tears and reached out for her mobile. Rocky knows the reason for her tears and he felt sorry for hurting her. Bani didn’t realize the fact that, rocky applied the same principle of hatred to break the heart, which tried on him. Bani dialed that guy’s number on her mobile and said,

” Hello! It’s Bani. Don’t get fainted after hearing to what I say. The answer to your proposal is YES!! YES!!.”

Rocky was into tears and happy at the same time as his wish got fulfilled. He never realized it will be his last wish. He reached out to hug her for one last time by extending his arms. Before he hugged her, his body slowly vanished into air.

There are things that we don’t want to happen but have to accept, things we don’t want to know but have to learn and people we can’t live without but have to let go…

Many people say True love story has no end, but Rocky’s love story has got an end along with a  new beginning for Bani……

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