The Trail of Two Tears..

” Kabir, she is no more.”,  uncle Mehta said. A shock on kabir’s face was so evident that uncle Mehta got stunned by Kabir’s reaction. Though everyone at the  hospital knew, that she is not going to survive  and the news may come at any time, Kabir got shocked by the words said by uncle Mehta. Perhaps, Kabir has seen and experienced a shocking reaction for the first time, in spite of the fact that it’s no surprise. Kabir didn’t know what to say to uncle Mehta. It’s not like Kabir was speechless and fell short of words by the situation. It’s the state of mind  when we know that the worst thing to happen is the best thing to happen.


Uncle Mehta’s son, Kunal rushed to ICU after getting the message. The whole ward is struck by the silence. Everybody stood still and are watching uncle Mehta and his son. Uncle Mehta is not able to carry his emotions in his tears. Kabir could see a strong fight between the tears and  sorrow in the eyes of uncle Mehta. Sorrow wants to flow from  uncle Mehta’s eyes but, his tears want to cage sorrow as Mr. Mehta doesn’t want to  let Kunal know his pain.  Uncle Mehta’s sorrow is so heavy that his tears are not able to hold sorrow for long and helped to  flow down through its slipstream. In an open ward, there is a vacuum between Uncle Mehta and his  son. Kunal is controlling his emotions and  profound grief to prove his father that he can handle the situation. Kunal wants to make sure that Mr. Mehta doesn’t break down by the situation thinking about ways to console his children and  the loss they are going to live with. Kunal is very much concerned of Mr. Mehta’s health as very recently, Mr. Mehta had a cardiac arrest and he is still under medication.

” You please don’t cry, dad. I cannot be strong if you do,” said Kunal to his father hugging him tightly to push out the vacuum between them. “She did injustice to all of us leaving an unfillable space”, Mr. Mehta cried out loud hugging his son. His words are echoing in the open ward and must have reached the traveling soul of her with an infinite echo. Kunal couldn’t stay strong for  long as the pain of missing her came out scorching his suit of “I’ll manage”. There is hardly any exchange of words between them, but everybody noticed the interchange of emotional consoling gestures which are loud enough to break every stone heart.

Mr. Mehta’s daughter, Sara came to the  ward and bewildered by the attendance on the floor. Sara is uninformed of the  situation at hand and she got petrified by the stream of tears from her father and brother. She is livid and squealed her anguish on God for taking away her  closest soul on earth. Sara is unable to control the feeling of her not being around. Suddenly, the environment in the ICU adapted to the situation the way it was expected. Mr. Mehta hugged Sara and Kunal tightly as the tripartite became infrangible for anyone, who tried to provide solace to the family in agony.

Kabir is standing at a distance close enough to allow the waves and vibrations of desolation to pass through him. Kabir is not a stranger and has walked the same road when he was doing his graduation. He watched his father suffer from oral neoplasm and who parted from them in no time leaving him clueless. Kabir has seen the pain and suffering his father encountered. Maybe because he witnessed the afflict, Kabir was unmoved by the demise of his father.  Not even a tear rolled out to bid adieu to his father. Perhaps, Kabir might have felt that the worst thing to happen is the best thing to happen.

Kabir is observing keenly as he became stagnant and numb to move or even to talk. Though Kabir got attached  to  Mehta’s family very  recently, he is very much aware of the benign soul that left the  family. His heart ached by the unimaginable pain she went through defying the  law of Karma, in spite of being magnanimous.  His heart ached out of helplessness. Though Kabir is familiar with such situation, his eyes became like a valley of sorrow  as his nose got burning by letting all the pain to flow through his breathing.  The trauma is so blunt that he  struggled to breathe from his nose and had to inhale through his mouth. He realized that he needs to regain himself to bolster the family. Before he does anything, a relinquished tear from his left eye rolled out loud enough to make a trail for the sorrow to bypass. This trail of sorrow got echoed to the other eye and a tear from his right eye slowly rolled out to clear the mucus of Kabir’s eyes in order to see the ways to tranquilize the grief.

It’s often renounced that ” The life of the dead is placed in the memory of living“,  and Kabir took it as a stance to let go of the pain  and share the same to the souls in the groan.

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