Face for sale

It has become very difficult to survive in dealing with all new faces every day. The person he met yesterday is not to be seen and heard anymore.  Karthik, being an introvert is on an arduous journey to pass a day. Every time, Karthik feel like, ‘ Yeah! now I’m comfortable with this person. At last, I’m complacent about this person to spend my time with’, he doesn’t get to see the same person around in very next day.

A smiling face, a grim face, a mysterious face, a confident face, a friendly face, a happening face,  a virtuous face, a knowledgeable face, a child face, a conspiring face and so many more are confounding him. Which face is real, which face to trust and which face he get to see the next day as well – thoughts like these were pervading him. Throughout his life,  Karthik has been facing the same problem of finding a familiar face to get acquainted with, share his feelings and emotions. Once Karthik met a friendly face which appeared so kind, trustworthy and assured him that it’s a real face.  He got astounded to realize that,  friendly face turned to a stranger’s face with all his emotions and secrets in the next day by making him vulnerable.

Sometimes, Karthik felt like he got stuck in the good old days, where most of the faces used to be real valuing others and their feelings with respect. It’s the world that has advanced swiftly and wearing fake faces became a part of livelihood. Karthik believed that he doesn’t belong here if he can’t wear a mask.

  Maybe it is believed that living with a  true face is like a coin with only one face, which holds no value.

In an era, where the moods and feelings are known and expressed using emoticons, every person is wearing a mask and not let their true self-known to others. But, they are failing to realize the fact that every mask wears off with time, as it comes with an expiry date.  The looming problem, which they are unable to foresee is to become faceless when all the masks wear off. Perhaps, if there is an avenue for selling faces, then it might be the most successful business, as it is the need of the hour.


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  1. Jeevitha says:


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  2. Chethana says:

    Very well written….

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  3. Mohammed Suhail says:

    Very true and applies to most in this world, I think the best face to have is the actual face without hiding anything.(true face). This article forces everyone to think what face he is putting up with the world. Very well articulated and compiled, great work Rajesh !!

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  4. Bhavna says:

    Apparently, this is the reason why life is considered to be so colourful!
    “People”- Amazing, complicated, multi-faced, crazy humans!! 😀

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    1. Thank you Minion … Yes, that makes life happening 🙂


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