The Game of Good Times – Chapter 1: The Rising

Somewhere from a corner started a noise that’s not allowing her eyes to remain closed. Cassie woke up to the clattering of vehicles. As it’s a Monday morning, even the Sun checked in a bit early and the streets got monopolized by office going commuters. She left her bedding with half-opened eyes and walked towards the mirror in her mother’s bedroom.  She got surprised to see her mother still on the bed. Normally, Diana leaves for work before Cassie wakes up.

Cassie Knocked on her mother’s bedroom door to ensure that she is alright. There is no response from Diana. Cassie knocked again. Still, there is no response from her mother. She sensed that something is not right as her mother used to respond before she knocks on the door. Diana is so much in love with Cassie that she recognizes the sound of her baby girls’ footsteps. Cassie barged into the room to find Diana sleeping at peace on her bed, wrapped inside a pink floral velvet quilt. She took a deep breath to ease herself from anxiety and walked slowly to the bed and sat next to Diana. She saw her mother in a beauty sleep with pleasantness on her face.

For a moment Cassie felt like walking out of the room and surprise her mother with a tasty breakfast. But she is equally worried to see Diana sleeping for such a long time. Cassie touched Diana’s forehead to check on her body temperature. Cassie’s palm felt the chillness from her mother’s face. With shivering hands, she reached to her mother’s wrist to check for the pulse. Her pulse is as calm as a summer sea. With everlasting hope, Cassie pressed her cheeks to her mother’s chest to listen to Diana’s heartbeat. She got flabbergasted and her heart got frozen by accepting the loud silence of Diana’s heart. Cassie hugged her mother tightly close to her heart to completely feel her mother for the last time as her tears rushed to console her.

Artwork of  German Artist Kathe Kollwitz – Mother & Child

She realized that her mother is no more. Cassie got shattered knowing nothing about dealing with the situation. All of a sudden she became an orphan with the last person on earth of her family lying breathless next to her. Cassie regained control and told to herself that her mother has finally found peace, after all the gruesome pain she went through from the deserted husband and the troubles to raise a daughter as a single parent. All that is left for Cassie are beautiful memories with her mother from the past seventeen years. Cassie wiped her tears and rushed to Ronald’s house.

Mr. Ronald is an aged person, living next door to Diana. After his divorce, he started living alone and isolated himself from everyone. Cassie tried many times to greet him and to build a conversation. But he never let any of Cassie’s efforts succeed and he always had a weird look on his wrinkled face.

Cassie started whanging on Ronald’s door wailing. Ronald is having no clue about the person behind the door as it’s the first time after many years somebody has knocked on his door. The knocking sound has grown fierce as Ronald came near to the door. He sensed that somebody is in an emergency and opened the door. He got more worried after finding little Cassie at the door.

Before Ronald say anything, panting Cassie cried out loud, “My mother! My Mother is no more.” and hugged Ronald. He felt helpless and tried to console her while walking to her mother. He called an ambulance to do the rest. Cassie finished all the cremation formalities with the help of Ronald.

Cassie resumed high school and continued her life hiding the chasm to her heart caused by her mother’s sudden demise, a void she couldn’t fill. She knows that she has to be strong to survive and shouldn’t be let down by loneliness caused with the demise of her mother.  She even scunnered her friends, when they tried to show sympathy.

Mr. Ronald has been benevolent to her and filled all the necessary documents to be her legal guardian. Cassie responded by being equally caring and helping him in his work and taking care of the chores. After the completion of high school, he helped her to get into in the Princeton University for higher studies, where he work as Head of the department for Human Sciences.

Cassie is an intelligent and smart girl, she has topped her class and got the financial support through merit scholarship offered by the University. At the age of Twenty-Three, she finished her Post Graduation and got a job in Honeywell, Morris Plains, NJ.

At Honeywell, Cassie started to work as a Cross-Cultural Management Associate in the Human Resources Department. Her dedication and sincerity helped her gain applause and recognition. Within a short period of time, she became popular in her office and came along the troubles. She got so many proposals from her male colleagues who were impressed by the way she carries herself and the charm of her attitude with simplicity. Cassie rejected all of those proposals softly as she believed she is not ready to get into any kind of relationship.

Continued in The Game of Good Times -II Click here for more…



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  1. Aftab Md says:

    Good one Chakri.

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    Very good narration.. Keep up the passion for writing!! Love it..

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    Interesting! curious to read part 2 , 😊👍


  4. Nithya John louvis says:

    Interesting!!! Keep it up• waiting for the part 2👍😊


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