The Game of Good Times – Chapter 3: The Date

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Cassie managed to reach office nimbly despite the Monday mammoth rush and traffic. She brisked directly to her cubicle, the more she got close to her cubicle her trepidation soared. She is more curious to know the content of the mail as she is expecting a promotion after the acclaims she received for her project on Compensation philosophy. After the implementation of her project insights and recommendations, payroll costs reduced dramatically with an increase in the productivity of the workplace.

She logged in her system and anxiously opened the mail sent from her director. She had a glance at the mail and with a sigh, ‘don’t be too ambitious!‘, told to herself. After realizing the content of the email, she reclined in her desk chair and relaxed. 

Cassie! please come to my chamber finishing your ongoing task, if any’  pinged her director.

She walked to his chamber and told herself not to expect any good news from him. 

‘ Come in Cassie. Have a seat!’

‘Well, you might have read my mail. Firstly I want to apologize for the mail on Friday in the late evening. I wanted to send that mail before it sweeps off my mind.’ explained her director Mr. Cahill greeting her.

‘Not a problem! Mr. Cahill. I’ve checked it in the morning and it has got no schedule attached.’

When am I supposed to leave?’, asked Cassie.

‘Well, your flight tickets are booked for tomorrow evening and my steno will share the tickets and the accommodation details with you. She has arranged everything for you and informed your hosts as well.’

As soon as Cassie reached her desk, she received the mail with all the details of her trip. She is asked to go to California to lead the recruitment process. The next day evening she took the flight informing Mr. Ronald. 

She received a warm welcome at the California branch of Honeywell and surprised to know that her reputation has spread this far. She is greeted by Mr. Michael, H.R Manager, Honeywell, California. Michael is a very cheerful person with attractive brown eyes and a broad strong built physique, any girl would like to check on him. It took no time for Michael to build a friendly conversation with Cassie.

At around 01:00 Pm they took a break for lunch from the recruitment process. Michael suggested a restaurant at the corner of the block which is known for its tasty continental dishes. Cassie wanted to accept the invite from Michael but she softly declined and said she would like to have it in the office cafeteria as it won’t take much time and she can resume the recruitment process quickly. Michael accompanied her to the cafeteria for lunch. Cassie is enjoying his company as he is very humorous and funny.

They resumed the recruitment process and wrapped it early by 03:30 Pm. Michael appreciated her of the dedication and sincerity towards the task she was assigned to. While walking past the conference hall, Michael asked her about the plans for the evening.


‘I’m having none.’

 ‘I know a good restaurant, shall I reserve for dinner, if you don’t mind!’ 

‘Of course! It will be boring to be alone in the hotel,’ replied Cassie as she didn’t want to miss the opportunity this time.

Patting himself for being lucky, ‘ Will it be fine to join me for a movie followed by dinner?’, asked Michael to check on his luck again.

Cassie liked the way Michael approached her. She replied Michael with a blushing smile.


After the movie, they went for dinner at one of the finest restaurants which is famed for its romantic ambiance. Cassie thought that it’s her day since everything is going so amazingly. They went for a long walk at Grand Avenue as they had a deep and interesting conversation.

Cassie felt like she had the best time of her life and wished for a long night. As the moon and the stars refused to stay longer, it’s time for her to bid adieu. Cassie lost in her fantasy, she has seen forever in his brown eyes, tasted truth on his cheerful lips. She stared at him so long, if only he knew how long she has been searching. She was tempted to ask, what took so long? She found joy in every minute, every second spent with him, a man she only dreams of.

‘Cassie! Cassie! Are you alright?’, a voice knocked at her ears, penetrating through her fantasy world. Suddenly, she realized that she was talking to herself.

‘I’m very fine and happy’, She replied.

She thanked Michael for the wonderful and memorable evening. Michael dropped her at the hotel lobby and asked her if she needs to be dropped at the airport the next day morning. She thanked again and said her transport is already arranged. She walked through the lobby to the elevator slowly, remembering the joyous moments of the evening.

She didn’t realize that Michael is watching her until she got into the elevator. He noticed the blush on her pink cheeks and the sparkle in her eyes. Michael left admiring her beauty and the charm which he didn’t find in any of the girls he dated so far.

It’s a happy morning for Cassie, she woke up early to catch the flight to New Jersey. She found that the distance from her hotel to Michael’s place is going to be a burden to be freed from. The more she longed to see Michael again, even more strongly she controlled herself. She wanted to take this fondness for Michael slowly as she wanted it to last forever.

In the blink of an eye, she reached New Jersey. Cassie smiled at herself and realized that she is so lost in his thoughts. She booked a cab and started to her place. She took out her mobile and dialed to Ronald.

‘Hi Ronald!, How’re you doing?’

‘Hello! my dear. I’m waiting for your call, How is your trip?. By the way, I have arranged lunch for you. Please drop by at my place.’

‘ Oh! Ronald is all this necessary. You got me a house so that you can rest, now you’re doing the same.’

‘C’mon darling! I enjoy doing anything for you. You must be very tired of the long journey, have a nap before you reach home.”

‘You’re so sweet, Ronald. See you.’, Cassie disconnected the call and closed her eyes for a nap.

After reaching her office at New Jersey, she started to make a report on the recruitment process she handled with Michel for director’s review. While preparing the report, she is reminiscing the conversations with Michael and can’t get him off her thoughts. She is so desperate to hear Michael’s voice, but she felt that it will be embarrassing if he is not feeling the same.


Continued in The Game of Good Times – Chapter: 4, Click here for more…

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