The Game of Good Times – Chapter 5: The Game

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Cassie couldn’t believe her ears for what she just heard from Michael’s director. Dark clouds crept in front of her as her heart skipped a beat and she went blank for a moment. ‘Cassie! Cassie’. A voice cleared the dark clouds and brought her back. ‘Thank you so much’, she responded and left while fighting her tears. 

She drove back home with a multitude of thoughts however, she wanted to be mindful of the situation before coming to any conclusion. She doesn’t want to suspect Michael’s love for her as it’s the only thing that has given a road to walk further in life and to be hopeful of good times.

Michael returned home the next day in the evening. He greeted Cassie with a peck on her cheek and told her that he needs some rest as he is tired of the journey and the work. Cassie didn’t say a word about what she learned from his director, neither had she confronted him by pursing her lips. She isn’t able to be normal to him like the good old days. Michael, being unaware of the things happened in his absence, he is being normal and loving to her.

Cassie waited for Michael to explain about his unplanned trip, but he never included it in any of their discussions. As the days passed, Cassie couldn’t notice any change in Michael’s behavior. He has been loving and kind to her as always. She didn’t want to ask him and told herself that it might be his family’s personal issue which he is not comfortable to share. She decided to forego the high tide that has come across and continue to be happy with him. But she never was able to get the crimson shade in their times together.


After some days, the same thing got repeated and this time, she enquired with Michael’s colleagues. The truth she heard from them is totally unbelievable. They told her that Michael is a womanizer and he has been with many of the girls here using his charm. We wanted to warn you about Michael’s behavior, but it was too late for us as we came to know that you already got married to him and he might have got changed after the marriage. She thanked them and requested not to let Michael know about the conversation they had. Now, Cassie is sure and realized that her world got shattered and finally it has happened what she feared. All the castles of happiness and future planning burned to the ground. Her life has started to be a tough sail as she entered the troubled waters now.

As usual, Michael appeared after a week. He greeted her and told her he is too tired and needed to sleep. Cassie confronted him with the facts she learned about Michael. He got dumbstruck, not knowing what to say he stood befuddled in front of her.

‘I let you mistreat me. It wasn’t because I loved you.’

‘That was a lie I told both of us to justify staying. It was because I didn’t love myself enough to leave and go out and get better’.

He begged for forgiveness and assured to not repeat. Though she doesn’t want to forgive him one more time, the thought of being alone leaving him made her weak. They continued being together but their relationship fell short of their adorable affection and love.

Michael started to behave as though his love for Cassie has got ablated. He again started to behave the same but this time he didn’t consider the option of vanishing. Cassie broke down for a couple of days and recalled the survival of her mother when her father renounced them. She called up Ronald to explain the situation and informed that she is leaving for New Jersey.

‘You don’t worry, dear, I’ll handle this. You just come to me’. 

‘Will see you, Ronald’, She hung up on the call took a flight to New Jersey without informing Michael.


Michael returned from office and rang the doorbell for Cassie to open. He pressed again, but no response. ‘She might have gone to the grocery store’, told to himself and entered the house with the key he keeps with him. As soon as he stepped in, he saw a paper trying to escape from the paperweight on it to the breeze that swept in with him. He freed it and realized it to be the handwriting of Cassie.

‘I tried to paint a fairy tale on blank pages of our life with the promises you made and the dreams you showed. It’s unfortunate that I saw the journey whereas you only saw the end. I always thought of you as the prince of my life, come to deliver me from the gallows. You are the cure to my craving heart filling empty spaces, but the truth is I never knew you and I utterly hate myself for this.

I’ve put everything to make this relationship work by giving you one more chance for the umpteenth time, that I wanted you to change. I should accept my imbecility as I played the game knowing that I’ll lose again. I fooled myself into believing that owning you would somehow make things right. It seems like all the roads lead to the same for me and I should stop fooling myself now.

One of the best decisions I have made in my life is deciding to stop letting you be a part of mine. I have learned that I don’t need your truth or any justification to move forward. It won’t be able to fix anything. The truth is, I haven’t forgiven you and never will be. I’m not able to accept, who you are and the choices you have made. I can’t get back the time, the efforts or the little piece of me which believed in you. I don’t want to cage myself in the past for the biggest mistake of welcoming you into my life.

You would think I’m the one who suffered here, cause you may not realize what you have lost. I hope when you open the door to find that I’m no longer there. For one second you sit where I sat and contemplate whether you deserved me.’


Michael read the letter carefully and felt like Cassie stood in front of him and said each and every word to him. He sat on the couch debating in his mind about going after Cassie or forget her as one of the girls he cheated on.


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