The Game of Good Times – Chapter 6: The Conclusion

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Cassie asked Ronald to arrange an attorney and he does so without invoking any discussion. He understood the pain she is going through as he did walk the same road. With the help of her attorney, she filed a divorce. Michael didn’t try to revoke their broken relationship. Cassie is shocked by his behavior as he is completely unaffected by her absence in his life and its nobody but her to blame for being blind to him by the good times. The court granted a divorce out of mutual consent to live separate judicially.

The life of their marriage was just a year. For moral support, she moved with Mr. Ronald for some days as she resigned from her job at Honeywell. It took a year for her to recover from the wounds made by the lusty wild creature. She never heard from Michael within that year neither she tried to. She literally closed the chapter of her life with Michael and tried to move on. With the help of Ronald, she joined as a Professor at Princeton University teaching Cross-Cultural Management.

Cassie restarted her life as a lone warrior like before, but not with the remains of her past to haunt her. She is strong enough to overcome and win the toughest of battles in her life, which is not letting Michael share any of her thoughts and heart. She decided that she will no longer expect the love and care of others but herself. She couldn’t defy God as for what has happened is for her own good. Cassie moved back into the house bought by Ronald, to live for herself and pursue her interests. She started to find peace by sitting in her balcony while enjoying the beautiful white sun trying to lure her with the warmth. She got used to spending most of her time in the garden taking care of the saplings and adding more to the collection of plants by filling the garden to blossom in all seasons.

A year passed, Cassie’s life became normal and routine. She wants something interesting in her life, which can keep her busy and motivated. She wants a goal, an achievement and a challenge in her life to keep her going. She then decided to pursue Post Doc in the same university to take up research work in the cross cultures where she could leverage upon the experience she gained with Honeywell. Days counted to weeks and then to months. She published a couple of white papers and an International Journal on the role played by cross cultures in the development of the Nations.


Cassie woke up to the alarm and to the cool breeze that carried the songs of birds to her ears. She took the notepad on the side table and checked for the to-do list rubbing her drowsy eyes. While going through each line, she suddenly got attentive and kept the note pad aside. She grabbed her laptop and made a  reservation for dinner at a vintage themed restaurant for two.


She walked into her balcony holding a mug of hot coffee and sat relaxed as the most important task for the day is done. It’s taking Ronald out for a dinner treat as today is his birthday. While sipping the hot coffee, she just reminisced how he has shaped her life with care, affection and love.

‘Don’t worry my girl! everything that happens is a part of life. It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad. It’s all about The Game of good times, which teaches a lesson everytime we lose the game. Every person whoever is going through the bad times is hoping for a better tomorrow believing in the wheel of fortune. They think that time will help them navigate through their painful and sorrowful days towards the brightest of days in life. The irony is that we fail to understand, our blind eye in good times has led us to walk into the valley of misery. Every action, every decision made, every path we took, every penny spent, every word spoken in good times is a reason for what we are and where we are now. We get blinded by the good times and overlook the side effects of failing to handle them effectively. Which we inadvertently fix in our bad times that gives way for the good times again. It’s a vicious cycle and very few have mastered in this Game of good times.’

‘All you did was, you trusted Michael so much that you even forgot to have your own dreams. We always need to be mindful of not only the love we say we’re giving but also the type we allow ourselves to receive. We search within lost souls and through the lies for the truth by the unwavering absolution of the toxicant served in the chalice of love. You got blinded by the silver lining of the dark clouds and overlooked the trap and deceit by the good times you had with Michael.’ 

‘Nevertheless! I’m glad that you freed yourself from his clutches. Sometimes letting go isn’t the loss we think it will be, as it will open a new page to be written with the lessons learned. Sometimes, evolving and growing as an individual will cost us unhealthy relationships and toxic friendships. Maybe you and I are always made for this moment and fate has brought us together through some bitter happenings in life.’ 

‘I’m always and will be there forever, for you my girl and you don’t ever forget that you alone are an Infinite possibility. Now, shed all your disturbing incidents as leaves of the autumn and walk into a new spring of life with open arms.’

These words Ronald spoke to her as they walked out of the Judicial court after getting divorce still rings in her ears like the sermon of life, which helped her shape the times in the way she wanted.

Her last sip of coffee brought her back from the thoughts as she mastered the game of good times.

*** The End***



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  1. Nithya John Louvis says:

    Inspiring! Loved the write up.😊


  2. Nithya John Louvis says:

    Inspiring! Loved the write up.😊


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