The Game of Good Times – Chapter 4: The Proposal

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It’s been a month and she still didn’t hear anything from Michael. Cassie started to believe that all the feelings are only from her side and want to leave the time with Michael as a sweet memory. She took her mobile to delete Michael’s contact and her palm vibrated to the incoming call. It’s Michael! her happiness has got no boundaries. She lost herself for a while to see Michael’s name on her mobile screen. She attended the call to hear the voice she is longing since ages.

‘Hello! Am I speaking to Miss Cassie?’

‘Yes. May I know who is asking?’, replied Cassie hiding the gleeful smile on her face.

 ‘ Hi Cassie, It’s Michael from California.’

Before Michael say anything else, Cassie replied saying, ‘Ooh Michael! How are you? It’s been a long time!…….’, and the conversation went on for hours.

Life of Cassie has turned over a new leaf. Their conversations are witnessed by Moon and stars in the night, Sun by the day from spring to the winter. At times, Michael used to come down to New Jersey and spend time with her. Cassie thought that she had met the prince of her life and she is ready for the long awaited phase of entering into a committed relationship.

Winter mornings are very beautiful in New Jersey, but not for Cassie anymore. It’s been more than a week that she last spoke to Michael. She tried calling him many times but all the time she is successful to the extent of reaching his voice mailbox. Cassie tried to enquire from his colleagues in California, but nobody turned out to be helpful as they also have the same level of information about him as she does.

It’s 11’th of December, a snowy winter morning. Cassie isn’t able to sleep and woke up to waddling at her door. She slowly reached to her door and opened to check for the sound that disturbed her sleep. She is shocked to see a birthday cake at her door. Somebody has left a cake at the door. She thought it must be Ronald but again she asked herself, ‘why will Ronald leave a cake outside as he is the one who brings cake on her birthday every year?’.

Cassie walked into the porch to check for any traces. She felt cold hands touching her shoulders from behind. She got shocked and before she turned back to see, the hands clasped her. It’s the same fragrance, she is yearning for. She took a deep breath and concealed those hands with her hands. For a moment she wanted to spend an eternity in those arms. She broke into tears and turned towards Michael.

‘ Hey! Sweetheart, why those tears honey?, I have come back.’

‘I know, I’m the culprit of your precious tears to feel the chillness of the winter.’

‘I promise! it’ll not be repeated. It’s a special day as the princess of my life is born this day. Now please wipe your tears and lets cut the cake before it gets frozen.’


They both went inside and Michael grabbed a worktable as Cassie is holding the cake with surprise-filled in her eyes. Michael took the cake from her and kept it on the table for her to cut. As Michael is singing the birthday song for Cassie, she blew the candle. She made a wish to have a happy life rather a perfect life and retain this happiness forever. Cassie found something obstructing the knife in the cake. She separated the slices of the cake and astounded to find a wedding ring there. She raised her head to avow and enthralled to see Michael on her knees and asking,

‘Will you be the smile on my lips?
Will you be the reason for me to believe in God?
Will you be the reason for happiness ever after?
Will you marry me? Will, you be my bride?’

Cassie busted into tears and hugged him pushing all the air between them making the air jealous.

‘Yes, my love.’, Cassie kissed him all over his face to satisfy her infernal longingness for him.


On the same day, they got married in Grace Bible Church –  Mount Laurel, NJ. It’s the happiest day of her life and the best birthday she ever had. She wished that her mother would have been very happy witnessing her wedding.

‘I’ve never felt this happy and satisfied before. I still can’t believe that the girl who tried to make me talk by all means has grown to be the most beautiful angel.’

‘Wish you a happy married life, my dear. I don’t mind to rest in peace now.’, Ronald kissed her and is into tears.

‘I’m able to make to this day because of you. You’re and will be my everything, Ronald. I’m indebted to you forever.’ Cassie hugged him as her tears rolled out with love and gratitude.

‘Before Michael grab you from me, let me do the honor’, Ronald wiped her tears and kept her hand into Michael’s hand.

Ronald’s heart pounded with joy as he saw them walking out of the Church holding each other.


They have spent the whole winter of December at her place with overflowing love. The days have passed in a blink but with memories for eternity. Michael told Cassie that its time for him to go back to California to resume his work there and requested her to move with him. Love of Cassie for Michael has sired her to him. She told him that she will try to have a conversation with her Director and see to it that she gets an internal transfer to his place. The next morning she resumed her work and scheduled an appointment with her Director.

At around 02:30 pm, she got a call from the Director to meet him in his office. She walks to the Director’s room in an edgy state of mind and prepping to bring the conversation about her transfer. The moment she entered the Director’s room, he stood and congratulated for her marriage and offered her a seat.

‘I’m extremely sorry! I couldn’t attend your wedding.’

‘I completely understand, It will be difficult to turn up in such short notice’, replied Cassie with a thankful smile.

‘I would like to offer a gift on the occasion of your wedding’.

Cassie is with a half ear to him as she is thinking about how to bring the topic of her transfer in conversation. Meanwhile, he took a sealed envelope from the drawer and handed over to her. He asked her to open in front of him and she did so. Her face gained radiance from the letter in her hand and with overwhelming joy and gratitude she thanked him and left to her cubicle.

As soon as she reached her desk, she took out her mobile and called Michael to tell that she got a promotion. Michael congratulated her and asked about the status of her transfer request. Then she cheerfully said, ‘ Darling, I got promotion with transfer to California to lead the team we have recruited, but not to the same office.’ She thanked God and prayed not to take away anything from what he gave to her in the recent past.


It’s the first day of their companionship after Cassie moved to California. They both left for office together but to their busy schedule, they are not able to make time for each other except on weekends. They have planned to take some time out to spend at Grand Avenue Park, where it all started on weekends and sometimes on a site-seeing.

Life has become a fairy tale for Cassie. Days turned to weeks and weeks to months. They both got busy in their work and hardly they are able to make time for each other. One day, Michael dropped an email to Cassie saying that he is going on a business trip and he is leaving immediately. She re-read the mail to find the duration of the trip and he didn’t mention about the return date. Cassie tried calling him immediately after reading the mail but she could reach to only voice mail. That day she went alone home thinking about Michael. It’s been close to a week and yet she didn’t hear anything from him. She reached out to Michael’s Director to explain the situation. To her surprise, she got shocked to know that his director didn’t give instruction to Michael for any business trip. In fact, Michael’s Director also told Cassie that he mentioned to him about going on leave for a week.

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