Our true selves are our souls which reflect in the parallel universe. Where fictional characters are real and real people are fictional characters. But one thing you should realize is that “The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; Look inside yourself, everything you want – you already are!!!”


Thank you for taking  time to read my blogs. I’m sharing here all my wild imaginations wrapped up with sensitivity and philosophical views in my writings. Since childhood, I have a passion for poetry, sketching and fictional stories. As it was rightly said everything has its own time to happen, this blog is my first step towards a journey of pursuing my passions. You can find here, some of my memorable moments that were etched in my heart while traveling, biking and trekking.

I strongly believe that In every human’s life if they count on the moments that left an unforgettable mark –  at most, it will be close to a month full of memories. Hence, the name of my blog, “A Month of My Life”.

– Fortune Cookie