The Game of Good Times – Chapter 4: The Proposal

” Will you be the smile on my lips?”
“Will you be the reason for me to believe in God?”
“Will you be the reason for happiness ever after?
“Will you marry me? Will, you be my bride?”

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The Game of Good Times – Chapter 2: The Surprise

” I can’t hold myself anymore. I’m nervous and tensed about the announcement as you didn’t give me any hint. What’s the announcement, Ronald?”, asked Cassie with increased curiosity.

The White Sun – I

‘Do I fear death or is it the fear of life?’, this question has been wobbling in Kabir’s mind ever since he tried to commit suicide. He’s having no interest in living, though he had achieved a milestone in his life by completing his Ph.D. against all the odds and got into his dream company…

Butterfly Fairy in the summer rain

Inspired by a true happening in a friend’s life -” Travel Story of a Girl “and the plot is developed by ‘Fortune_Cookie’…. Once in a while, a walk in the evening helps in easing from all the pressure that’s happening in life. It gives us time to be ourselves, to think for us, to revisit…

Angel of Dreams

After a tiresome trek to Bhagwabasa which is at an altitude of 14117 ft, Kabir sat on the dark patched rocks which are partially covered in snow. This is Kabir’s first experience with snow and his first trip to North India. Kabir took a break from his work to fulfill his dream of coming as…